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Shop without using credit

Why wait for your tax refund?  Apply today and get your furniture for only $50 to start.
Information how to shop without using credit

What is “Factory Second”?

“Factory Second” means goods that have minor cosmetic blemishes or irregularities which do not affect the performance or longevity of the item.  It means that an item, because of a minor flaw, did not pass initial factory inspection, or it may be scratched or dented, but is a functionally sound and usable product.
We always have a good selection of factory-second furniture, at a fraction of the price of furniture sold at other retailers.  At Barker’s, a small flaw means big savings!

Mattress Comfort

Please feel free to lie down on our mattresses to test them for comfort, but don’t get carried away like this fellow!
man sitting on mattress edge changing into pajamas in showroom
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